"Into The Slumber"

David Nilson

March 18 - April 23, 2016


Nilson's sculptural work challenges our way of perceiving. Light and water are common features and his ideas often elaborate on both the physical and visual elements to create a poetic ambiguity. This becomes clear for instance in the work "11:58", which exhibits a lamppost installed inside the gallery, where he is lending the elements of the picture to an object. The observer will also find Nilson using a fountain in his work. He has used the medium in various ways, such as in site­ specific situations as mise­en­scené installations, but also in smaller objects creating a more subtle study. In "Into The Slumber" Nilson presents to us a new addition to his notion of a fountain.

Nilson's sculptures use a combination of the visual and the physical to create an illusory chimera or something as simple as motion. Together it creates a mix of surrealistic romance and contemporary artistry.